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The Ownership Experience in BFG

A posting to Germany can offer exciting new opportunities in some areas, but often at the cost of considerable sacrifices in others. A different language, inconveniences, distance and isolation from family and new challenges at work. The benefits of tax free motoring have long been recognised as one of the more pleasurable and worthwhile compensations of an overseas posting in Germany.

Choosing a new car can be fun but it can also be a difficult decision picking the right model for your needs, with so much choice and conflicting information leading to a confusing dilemma. Getting the best price for your used car and securing the optimum financial package. Navigating the paperwork, rules and formalities and ensuring the correct disposal arrangements for your current car can also be stressful. And then there is the backup service once you own your new car. Having a reliable partner on the ground to take care of any issues and routine servicing.

What to expect when buying a car from us:

We will simplify the whole buying and ownership experience leaving you free to enjoy the benefits of your new car. From working together with you to find the perfect bespoke car for YOU and YOUR family, working out the best part exchange and financial arrangements, handling the legalities and formalities, accompanying you with local service and backup care throughout your ownership. And then when it is time to change again you can rely on us to get the best deal for you and to make the whole journey as pleasurable and simple as it was the first time.

You will receive a unique, flexible, personalized service including:

Substantial military discounts on new Volvo cars
Exploring your requirements and help with selecting the car that best suits your needs.
Showroom viewings and test drives.
Competitive, tailored, financial arrangements.
Top part exchange prices.
Flexible used car disposal arrangements.
A choice of delivery arrangements to best suit your schedule.
You can choose to take delivery of your new Volvo either locally in Germany, from our UK collection center or from the factory delivery center in Sweden.
Sorting out the paperwork and formalities.
Aftercare in our workshops in Gütersloh, Bielefeld, Paderborn, Herford and Bad Salzuflen.
A courtesy car service for our customers from our workshop in Gütersloh
We also supply quality pre-owned cars and buy used LHD and RHD for cash.

We do not and never will take for granted that 70% of our sales come from satisfied clients returning to swap their car or recommendations from happy clients. We welcome any comments and suggestions on how we could improve our offer and service.

For more information on the Volvo range and the latest offers and specifications or to arrange a test drive or order your brochure please call us on Tel. 05241 40 000 30 or by using the contactform or e-mail.

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